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姓名:殷实 Shi Yin
职位:Founder & CEO VisImage Systems

致力于对人体测量技术进行变革。电子工程学博士,计算机视觉、图像处理、模式识别专家,计算机软件程序设计师,精通工程和项目管理。于1986年获得上海华东理工大学硕士学位,1993年获挪威工业大学博士学位.曾在新加坡南洋理工大学做过博士后.并在国际著名刊物上发表十余篇学术论文. Dr. Shi Yin is an expert in Digital Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Computer Graphics. He is specialized in image data compress; image restoration; color image processing; feature extraction; frequency domain analysis; corner/couture analysis; shape analysis; motion analysis; parallel processing algorithms; camera calibration; invariant; stereo vision; neural networks; fuzzy logic; and animation. Dr. Yin has solid experiences (16 years) in engineering system analysis/design, and project management. Experiences in digital image processing system; camera-computer system; process control system; instrumentation; Virtual Reality system; and ROV system; Experiences in both scientific research and commercial projects. He also has strong computer knowledge in programming and software/hardware architecture database. Dr. Yin has served as a R&D Engineer, project manager and developer on many contracts to develop the Body Scanning System – for 21st century http://www.vis.ca/video/Boss_EN256.wmv, http://dglepm.ottawa-hull.mil.ca/dsspm/dsspm2/equipment/dsspm_2_equip_e...., a camera-based digital anthropometer, a far better way to issue clothing and equipment http://www.toronto.drdc-rddc.gc.ca/home_e.html, an Augmented (Virtual) Reality System, and an automatic Foot/Hand measurement systems FootScan/HandScan - a successful product sold to Aisa and US http://www.vis.ca/footscan.htm. Dr. Yin received Ph.D. (with honor) in Digital Image processing and computer vision, Department of Engineering Cybernetics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway, M.Sc. in Process control and automation and B.Sc. (with honor) in industrial automation from the Department of Electrical Engineering at East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai. Dr. Yin has worked as a R&D software engineer of SINTEF and a research assistant, Norwegian Institute of Technology in Norway, a faculty member at East China University of Science and Technology in China. Dr. Yin is currently a Research Associate at University of Toronto. He has 15 papers published on international journals.

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