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姓名:关键 Jian Guan
职位:Research and Evaluation Coordinator
创业信念:Life motto: To achieve personal success by help others to achieve their success.

Dr. Jian Guan is currently teaching at Ryerson University’s Rogers School of Management. She has been a research and evaluation coordinator for Gateway for International Professionals at Ryerson. She has conducted research on immigrant integration and ethnocultural communities in the USA and Canada. Publications have critically explored issues of racialization and marginalization of immigrants of visible minorities, and looked for pathways for skilled immigrants integrating into Canadian social economy. Her research also includes socio-cultural determinants of health among new immigrants, access to health and social services, mental health and depression among ethnic senior citizens from a cross-cultural perspective. Dr. Guan has extensive consulting business and leadership experience. She is Chairperson in the Beijing Eastern Bell Tech Group, a high-tech company located in Zhongguancun. She is also a certified nutrition and anti-aging consultant practicing in the Great Toronto Area, she also provide regularly training programs for immigrant community leaders and social workers. She was President of the Link Pacific Group – an international consulting firm based in Philadelphia. Before moving overseas, she was a research fellow and deputy director of international exchange programs of the Institute of Ethnic Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Dr. Guan has been active in community affairs. She is current Chair of the Toronto Culture & Community Centre, president of Canadian Association for Cancer Support. She is conducting public speeches on health and nutrition and hosting health seminars regularly among Chinese, Pilipino and African communities. In 1995, she served as an official observer representing USA at the United Nation’s Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. From 1995 to 1999, she served as the China Representative for the International Development, Innovations and Networks (IRED), a Geneva based NGO. Dr. Guan graduated with PhD in Sociology from Oklahoma State University in USA (1996), MA in Anthropology and Management from University of Hull in UK (1992), and MA in Ethics from the People’s University of China (1987). She has taught many courses including Ethical Leadership, Ethics and Regulation of International Business, Sociology Theory and Methods, Sociology and Health, Values and Ethics for Health Professionals, and Nutrition Practice and Counseling. Email: NaturalHealthAcademy@gmail.com. The most satisfying things ever done: • Working with the Chinese community • Teaching management students how to develop ethical leadership in today’s competitive business world • Teaching health professionals to manage their own health while taking care of their patients. Life motto: To achieve personal success by help others to achieve their success.

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