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姓名:王辉耀 Wang Huiyao
职位:Vice Chairman China Overseas Returned Scholars Associationl China Int’l Economic Cooperation Society of Ministry of Commerce

Wang Huiyao (Henry) is the Vice Chairman of China Western Returned Scholars Association and Chairman of its Chamber of Commerce, which he has founded and is the largest chamber for Chinese returnees and elites trained in the Western countries. He also serves as Vice Chairman of China International Economic Cooperation Society under Ministry of Commerce, as well as an advising member of China People’s Political Consultative Conference Beijing Committee. Furthermore, he is an Invited Researcher at International Cooperation Center under China State Development and Reform Commission. He is also the Chairman of AEA International Business Consulting Ltd. Henry has very extensive experience on international business and research for the past 20 years. In China, he used to work as a Chinese government official in MOFTEC (now as Ministry of Commerce). In North America, he worked as the Director--Asia for SNC-Lavalin Group as well as became Vice President of Agra Int’l Group (now AMEC Group), both are among the largest engineering and project management firms in the world. He was also appointed as Chief Trade Counselor at Commission of Canada in Hong Kong for Quebec Government Affairs, the first mainland born Chinese ever to be appointed to this senior position. For many years, he also served as a senior China business adviser and consultant to many large multinationals such as GE, Siemens, ABB, Westinghouse, Mitsubishi, Seiko, Epson and others for their business development and operations in China. He has also been awarded as the “Top Ten Returnee Entrepreneurs” in China as well as the “Top Ten Most Respected Returnees” in China. Henry obtained his BA degree in China and his MBA degree in Canada and continued to pursue his Ph.D. studies in international business at the Ivey Business School of University of Western Ontario and also undertook further training at Manchester and Harvard Business Schools. He had been a visiting professor of several well known business schools such as Ivey School of Business of University of Western Ontario of Canada and Guanghua Management School of Peking University of China. He has published 15 books and over 30 articles and papers on the international business management and Chinese and global talent issues, including his recent books on Chinese talents movements, such as Returning Times, Contemporary Chinese Returnees, and Returnee Startups in China.

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